Director : PIERRE-MARIE HUBERT | DV 4/3 compatible 16/9 | Duration : 64′ | FR | 2014

From the dazzling landscapes of Greenland emerge a sense of strength and vulnerability. Climate change has impacted these countries more than anywhere else, from the outstanding fjord of Ilulissat to the most remote and unknown areas around Nuuk.

It is the island’s past that we wish to explore though, riding kayaks along the bay of Disko to investigate the Saqqaq culture which mysteriously vanished 800 years BC. We will then discover the remains of the isolated farms of Scandinavians settlers from the 10th century, who evenly disappeared by the mid-15th century.

Thanks to the precious help of specialists on the matter, we will try to better understand the mysteries of this fascinating region and the conclusions we can draw about our future…



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