Director : CÉSAR GALINDO & CAMILLE CHAUMEREUIL | FULL HD | Duration : 50′ | FR | 2014

In the village of Tlahuitoltepec, perched in 2300 meters in height, about 2.000 participants came from all the continent for the biggest gathering of Amerindian, expanding(carrier) and militant media of the native(autochthonous) word.

A week of debates, exchanges and assertion of a cultural identity which “five centuries of resistance facing the European invaders” allowed to preserve. However, it’s at first two budding journalists who hold the attention of directors : Esmeralda, age 10, the “person in charge” of the children’s program of the local radio Jën poj – “jën” for fire, “poj” for wind – and his young brother Andres, age 7, who loves to tell the micro “scary stories”.

Through two small voices as strong as slender, the film tells with tenderness and without caricature the right to exist, to express and disseminate “the fiery winds.”


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