Director : DAMIEN ARTERO | FULL HD | Duration : 60′ | FR | 2014

I came to take part in the now traditional Samoëns Trail Tour, set up in the Massif des Dents Blanches and meet the challenges set by the ‘Septimontains’. Septimontains, the name of the local people, means ‘Seven Mountains’, those seven mountains that make up the crest around Samoens village.I was literally grounded for my late arrival at the shelter of Folly : ‘It is the mountain here my boy, not the city!’. These mystical characters are the last living memories of times when smugglers were passing tobacco on the steep border to Switzerland, a long time ago.

In the mountains, I slipped on a snowfield at high altitude, the longest drop of my young reporter’s life. Twenty meters, a maddening slide to remind me that I was not there to have fun but to prove worthy of the Beauty : Samoëns and its Seven Mountains…


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